Posted by: kurtsh | January 23, 2019

INFO: Determining entitled Software Assurance Benefits

Calculating expected Software Assurance benefits for purchases made on volume licensing agreements sometimes feels like a voodoo science.  This is in some ways because:

  1. There are several different benefits granted (Planning Services, Training Vouchers, 24/7 Problem Resolution Support, etc.)
  2. The grant sizes of each benefit differs depending on two things:
      1. The number of “Software Assurance Benefits (SAB) Points’ accrued by the volume of total eligible product licensed on the agreement
      2. A specific scale for that benefit – and this differs for each benefit.

For example:

  1. A total number of SAB points can be calculated per agreement or per purchase.  Here’s an example of the point calculation table. (This can CHANGE to refer to the current “Product Terms” documentation – not this table.)
  2. For a given benefit, such as “Planning Services Days”, there is a scale for how many days are granted based on the volume of SAB points attained.
    The table below is an example of the scale used for Planning Services days grants.  (The table below may not be accurate so refer to the “Product Terms” documentation for actual quantities.)

The documentation for what benefits exist and how they are granted is located in the “Microsoft Product Terms” documentation, published & updated monthly for download as a Word .DOC document on the Microsoft site.

In the January 2019 English publication of the Product Terms, page 78 has the information on Software Assurance Benefits.


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