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EVENT: 2018 CMO Virtual Event: Defining Modern Marketing (3rd party)


Forward-thinking CMOs are driving marketing transformation initiatives and many organizations are benefiting from their efforts. They are using emerging technologies to find new customers and to build deeper relationships and loyalty with existing customers. Many are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and automation to achieve their transformation initiatives. 

So what does a modern marketing team look like and what are the keys to success in marketing transformation? Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Microsoft is bringing together leading marketing executives to discuss these topics and more at our 2018 CMO Virtual Event: Defining Modern Marketing. Through an interactive panel discussion, we’ll explore the following topic areas: 

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence, the growing application of AI and next generation technologies for Marketing
  • The implications of new technologies on your organization
  • How to optimize media through AI
  • Using AI for customer journeys
  • How to drive 2-way conversations with your customers using AI
  • The key success factors in modern Marketing transformation
  • How to get started on your journey

Microsoft is sponsoring the event:

For modern marketing, our tools across Intelligent Analytics, Streamlined Operations, and Incredible Experiences help accelerate creativity and productivity, providing a strong operational foundation for your marketing team to thrive and focus on your customers. Companies like Pier One, MediaCom and Real Madrid are working with Microsoft technology to engage their customers across the world.

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