Posted by: kurtsh | July 13, 2018

OFFER: Free Extended Security Updates for Windows Server 2008/R2 & SQL Server 2008 R2 when using Azure

imageEveryone will soon face a decision point regarding the end of support for SQL Server 2008/R2 (July 2019) and Windows Server 2008/R2 (Jan 2020).

To help our customers in this moment, we are announcing extended security updates for three years beyond the end of support dates, free only in Azure.

This means our SQL Server & Windows Server 2008/R2 customers can migrate to Azure to get free extended security updates.  This offer provides unmatched value by moving to Azure while helping customers who need to maintain their existing SQL Server & Windows Server 2008/R2 environments.

The announcement blog for this new offer was published yesterday.


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