Posted by: kurtsh | June 29, 2018

DOWNLOAD: Deployment & Management of Office 365 ProPlus on Mac

imageA few months ago Paul Bowden, a Software Development Engineer from Microsoft for Office Deployment & Manageability did a presentation on “Deployment & Management of Office 365 ProPlus on Mac”.

I’ve not seen this information elsewhere so I thought I’d post his presentation here:

  1. Office for Mac Community links and sites for more info
  2. Native applications on the Mac versions, sizes, and contents of each app
  3. Benefits of deployment architecture
  4. How to deploy the bits in the enterprise
        1. Deploying Office with Jamf
  5. Deployment source automation (cached vs ondemand)
  6. Network endpoints
  7. Activation and licensing
  8. License storage & conversion
        1. VL to O365 license conversion
  9. Office for Mac update channels
  10. Update cadence recommendations
  11. Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU)
  12. MAU caching server
  13. Roadmap
        1. Today’s current deployment model of 4GB pagages
        2. The future of Office update management
  14. Deploying application settings
        1. Comparisons with Office on PC/Windows

Grab the deck here:


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