Posted by: kurtsh | June 28, 2018

WHITEPAPER: Azure Onboarding Guide for IT Organizations

[I’ve shared this before but it’s been updated a bit and is a worthwhile companion to the “Azure Strategic Implementation Guide”]

image"Azure Onboarding Guide for IT Organizations”, is a popular document for our customers in IT and is usually a good resource to review top to bottom as a starting point to understanding the considerations to adopting Azure cloud services as an organization.

It covers:

  1. Moving to the cloud
  2. Managing security, compliance, and data privacy
  3. Azure enterprise administration
  4. Integrating Azure into the corporate network
  5. Extending Active Directory to Azure
  6. Operating Azure IaaS Services
  7. Migrating existing services to Azure
  8. Offering management for cloud-based services

(When you review it, you’ll notice that it’s more tactical as opposed to the eBook I shared earlier entitled, “Azure Strategy & Implementation Guide” making it a good guide for IT pros.)


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