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TRAINING: Microsoft InfoPath/Designer to PowerApps/Flow Migration & Transition

imageBy now, you should be aware that InfoPath & SharePoint Designer are not being invested in. 10 years ago,  InfoPath was released as an XML/Form generator, and it was primarily used to create custom experiences for SharePoint Lists against on-prem SharePoint servers. 

Microsoft has chosen to move to a new solution for these scenarios.  PowerApps & Microsoft Flow is the successor to InfoPath as well as SharePoint Designer.  Both Infopath 2013 & SharePoint Designer 2013 continue to be supported until 2026.  This was extended 3 more years with the most recent SharePoint Server release.

imageThere are many references for migrating existing Forms from InfoPath/Designer to PowerApps/Flow.  The best place to start is the announcement session in last year’s Ignite 2016 event:

  • Convert InfoPath/Designer workflow processes to PowerApps – Chris McNulty – 9/30/16 (39:53)
    Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow represent new patterns for developing business applications in Microsoft SharePoint.  If you’ve been using tools like InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or Access Web Apps, this is the session for you.  We walk through how to reimagine and extend these older patterns into the new PowerApps and Flow toolsets.
  • Build business apps for Office 365 – InfoPath, PowerApps, Flow and more – Chris McNulty – 9/30/16 (1:14:55)
    No-code and low-code applications have been essential tools in Microsoft SharePoint for a long time, but weve added many other new tools to your palette. We review the roadmap and best practices for InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, Access Web Apps, Flow, PowerApps and more.

Additionally, there are a variety of “hands on” demonstrations of how to migrate forms.  I’ve listed several education resources below.

  • Build an InfoPath Designer form in PowerApps – Daniel Christian – 12/6/16 (9:38)
    This is a P.O.C. video to show how an existing InfoPath Designer 2013 form for a SharePoint list can be replicated using PowerApps.
  • Rebuilding an InfoPath Designer form in PowerApps – Daniel Christian – 4/25/17 (48:30)
    This webinar covers a real world scenario of how a business solution built using InfoPath Designer can easily and successfully be rebuilt and enhanced in PowerApps.
    The demo includes showing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ i.e. how the app has been built.
    • Demonstrate the InfoPath Designer form then demonstrate its replacement in PowerApps
    • The PowerApps demo includes using Radio buttons that update SharePoint List items and cascading dropdowns.
    • Finally, using this demo emphasize how PowerAps  can update two SharePoint lists using the same app, something InfoPath Designer cannot do.
  • Pro Series | Transitioning from Infopath to PowerApps – Part 1 – Audrie Gordon/PowerApps Proudct Team – 9/19/17 (50:48)
    Are you a Business Forms and Workflow designer looking to leverage PowerApps and Flow? This is the webinar for you. Audrie will help you to make the switch with the top 10 forms and workflow tips for PowerApps and Flow! Don’t miss it! What you’ll get:
    1. Demos of the most recent enhancements for forms designers
    2. We will rebuild a typical InfoPath form in PowerApps; live from start to finish
    3. Helpful decision tree for planning form rebuilds using PowerApps
  • Pro Series | Transitioning from Infopath to PowerApps – Part 2 – Audrie Gordon/PowerApps Proudct Team 10/10/17 (50:55)
    Part 2 of the series on Pro Tips for InfoPath Designers Transitioning to PowerApps. Part 1 is here:
    In this event there will be a focus on the business opportunities for using "Customize Forms" from the SharePoint List Views.
    -Changing form look and feel
    -Conditional formatting


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