Posted by: kurtsh | November 13, 2017

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Teams Resource Guide

imageLooking to get started with Microsoft Teams?  Here’s a resource guide that I hand out to my customers that includes links to help ‘jumpstart’ Teams deployments.

Here’s a breakdown of the different resources listed:

  1. Resources for introducing Business & IT to Microsoft Teams
  2. Planning, deploying, and managing Microsoft Teams
  3. Creating End User Awareness
  4. Establishing End User Readiness
  5. How-To Videos for End Users & for IT Professionals around Microsoft Teams

Note: On the second page, the guide discusses various use cases for Teams, such as best practices for use within Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Engineering, Customer Support, etc.  If you are a managed customer of mine, reach out to me & I will share the documentation for each of these work scenarios.


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