Posted by: kurtsh | June 1, 2017

WEBCAST: “Office 365 Multi-Tenant Environments – Overcome Barriers to Collaboration & Branding” – June 8, 9:00AM PT (3RD PARTY)

[Note: This is a 3rd party webcast delivered by Binary Tree – not Microsoft.  I’m showcasing it here however because I know multiple Office 365 customers of mine are dealing with the challenges of owning multi-tenant environments]


If your organization has email users in multiple tenants of Microsoft Office 365, you are likely painfully aware of the messaging barriers that negatively impact their collaboration and your brand. The lack of an easy method to enable your users to look up their cross-tenant colleagues in a shared address list or view their availability when trying to schedule a meeting can significantly impact their productivity and their ability to collaborate. And not being able to allow users in different tenants to share the same email domain may undermine your brand.

Join Binary Tree Manager of Product Architecture Justin Harris as he provides an overview of the challenges and requirements for managing multiple tenants in the Microsoft cloud.

In this presentation, our speaker will:

  • Review the brand and user collaboration issues of organizations with multiple Office 365 tenants
  • Discuss the requirements for fully enabling user collaboration and supporting the brand between tenants
  • Close with an interactive Q&A session, giving you expert answers to all your questions

We look forward to you joining us!


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