Posted by: kurtsh | June 1, 2017

RELEASE: Office 365 Centralized Deployment service (a.k.a. How to mass deploy/manage Office Web Add-ins user’s devices)

imageOffice Web add-ins are cool.

The problem for Enterprises however has been mass-distributing them to users.  How do we get them consistently installed & appearing in user’s installations of Office 365 Pro Plus?

Introducing the Office 365 Centralized Deployment service:


Per the announcement post:

From the Office 365 admin center or by using PowerShell scripts, administrators can deploy Office web add-ins to individual users, groups or an organization with ease, using Centralized Deployment. Users can simply open Office applications—such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint on Windows, Mac or Office Online—to see the add-ins installed on their ribbon. This allows organizations—large and small—to easily extend Office with high-value services across all platforms.

Read more about the new Office 365 Centralized Deployment Service, including the FAQ, here:


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