Posted by: kurtsh | January 13, 2017

INFO: Why are you still waiting to upgrade your email to the cloud?

imageYou’ve heard about the cloud, you know the benefits it offers, yet you’re still using an on-premises solution for your company’s emails. Maybe the thought of the transition is too daunting, or you’re not convinced it’s necessary at this time—there are many reasons that you might chose to stay with on-premises servers.

According to the 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, 72 percent of organizations already have at least one application in the cloud and 56 percent are currently identifying which IT operations to move. Here are some common misconceptions about on-premises email and the reality of what migrating your business email to the cloud can do for your organization.

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We’ve released an eBook describing the value of cloud-based email versus on-premises that goes through the bullets in the blog post more thoroughly.  Hint: “Regulatory mandate” is no longer a reason for on-premises servers.


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