Posted by: kurtsh | January 9, 2017

DOWNLOAD: Windows Essentials 2012

imageIf you’re like me and you still love Windows Essentials 2012, but can’t find it, don’t fret: It’s still there. And it still installs on Windows 10.  There’s a catch however:

  • Windows Messenger is no more so there’s no point in installing it.
  • Windows Mail has been replaced in basically every way by the more functional Mail app built into Windows 10.
  • Windows Live Writer won’t install because of dependency on .NET Framework 3.5 which has an installation reference problem. (This is easily rectified by installing Open Live Writer, which is the same code base but open sourced & “fixed up”)
  • Support ends tomorrow for the suite per

So… uh, why install it again? For the following:

  • Windows Photo Gallery
    I’ve always loved this tool.  Does a great job of organizing & touching up & editing photos.
  • Windows Movie Maker
    A really basic movie editor.  Uses WMV format but whatever.  If you’re looking to crank something easy out, edit out a couple seconds, add some transitions, look no further!  And it’s free

Grab the tool here:

If it’s not available any more, I have it available to download here:


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