Posted by: kurtsh | August 3, 2016

RELEASE: Azure Active Directory Conditional Access (a.k.a. “Per App MFA”, “Network Location-based” policies)

clip_image001Many enterprise customers have been asking us for the ability to:

  • Require MFA for specific Office 365 workloads
  • Restrict access so users can only access Office 365 or other cloud apps from within their corporate network.

So I’m happy to announce that these Conditional Access policies are now Generally Available to customers.

You can read about it on the EMS blog:

This is one of the highest value and most differentiated capabilities of Azure AD Premium & because of the closely integrated architecture of Azure Active Directory and Office 365, we can uniquely offer the ability to create different conditional access policies for each backend Office workload load and pilot/rollout those policies separately.

To be clear:  The only way to get this capability for Office 365 is through Azure Active Directory Premium.

More details are available here:


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