Posted by: kurtsh | July 11, 2016

DOWNLOAD: Comparing Security features of Windows 7 & Windows 10

This is a pretty interesting datasheet listing many of the security gaps in Windows 7 vs Windows 10.


This list however is missing some key items.  Here’s some of the items that AREN’T listed above:

  • Granular UI control i.e. Kiosk-level Lockdown
    Windows 10 Enterprise edition has the ability to use traditional Windows Embedded features like “write filtering” which wipes/eliminates any writes to the hard drive
  • Credential Guard
    Windows 10 stores domain credentials using a combination of security hardware & Virtualization-based security, effectively making credentials inaccessible to illicit processes.
  • Windows Event Forwarding
    Windows 10 Security events can be automatically forwarded to a central authority, the Windows Event Collector server.
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
    With the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10, Windows 10 Enterprise & Pro will have available WDATP which via subscription will detect intrusions post-breach, leveraging the global threat information collection Microsoft has & as well as machine learning within Microsoft’s cloud.

Download the datasheet here:


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