Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2016

INFO: Using multiple languages with Office 365 Pro Plus

imageToday, I got a couple questions about Office 365 Pro Plus & languages:

Do we have the rights to deploy multiple languages in Office 365 Pro Plus under Office 365 E3 or do we need to purchase them separately

Yes, if you have a qualified Office 365 subscription, you have the right to use multiple languages for users that are subscribed to Office 365.

Per the “Office 365 Licensing Brief” documentation:

“Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack provides the flexibility to customize Microsoft Office for multilingual needs. Customers licensed for Office 365 ProPlus may deploy and use the latest version of the Office Multi-Language Pack during the term of the Office 365 ProPlus subscription.”

Where can I download the languages or language packs for our enterprise deployment?

You need to use the Office Deployment Tool to obtain & integrate multiple languages into the Click-to-Run package. Please review the Office 365 Pro Plus Deployment Guide ( which has a chapter specifically on this topic:

“If you purchased an Office 365 subscription, you can use it to install Office in multiple languages. You do not have to buy a Language Pack. If your organization allows it, users can install Office 365 ProPlus languages directly from the Office 365 portal. When users install Office from the software page, they select a language from the Language drop-down box.
In managed enterprise environments, end-users may not have permission to install software from the Office 365 portal. If you are configuring an on-premises deployment of Office 365 Click-to-Run applications for users in your organization, you can use the Office Deployment Tool and a custom Configuration.xml file to install Click-to-Run in multiple languages.”

As an individual, if permitted, one can download the appropriate language pack on their own, install it locally to their system, then change the language setting for their installation. (Note: The site says Office 2016, but also applies to Office 365 Pro Plus)


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