Posted by: kurtsh | May 3, 2016

INFO: Office 365 “Delve Analytics” – What is it?

Delve Analytics is wicked cool.  It provides end users with the ability to understand how you spend your time & maximize your productivity.

If you have Office 365, “Delve Analytics” can tell you:

  • Who you correspond with the most
  • How much time you spend on work relative to the rest of your activities
  • Who is reading your emails


Most analytics are available from an Office 365 web page for your organization, likely ending with something like “/_layouts/15/me.aspx?v=analytics”.  See the snapshot above to see a part of my personal analytics page.

Here’s a video that shows how it can help people monitor their usage of time to be more productive:

Meet Delve Analytics


imageAdditionally, here’s an example of the statistics that you can see about email that you’ve sent.  As you can see, reporting analytics is available directly within the sent email itself inside of Outlook.

More descriptions of what Delve Analytics can empower the end user with are available in this Delve Analytics Infographic:

imageFor folks that are Office 365 Admins, here’s documentation on how to manage this feature for your users:

For a nice write up about Delve’s capabilities, check out this article from Windows IT Pro:


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