Posted by: kurtsh | May 3, 2016

INFO: Notes on Surface Pro Drivers from April 2016

If you’ve had a problem installing April’s Surface drivers or firmware, read on.

  • ISSUE 1
    To fix Surface component Devices that did not get updated correctly in April 2016 update: (and you can tell by going into Device Manager and opening the FIRMWARE tab as shown below) Follow instructions here  (ignore comment about latest drivers from 4/19 – there is a new set of drivers on 4/29 that we want to use below:
    (<ks> Additionally, if you have a docking station, disconnect your device from it & run off your power supply during this process.)
  • ISSUE 2
    Some people reported problems with sleep/resume  (30 seconds to resume with no indication, crashing during resume, etc.) that were fixed by this issue.
    Read "Mark Toronto" reply on this thread about 45% down the full page.
    Quick test for this issue?   (from Command Prompt) run  SFC /SCANNOW  .   If that command reports back no errors, then you are good.   Otherwise follow the procedure to fix it.

(Thanks to coworkers Dave Berger & Dave Derwin for these details)


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