Posted by: kurtsh | April 15, 2016

WHITEPAPER: Data Encryption Technologies in Office 365 (Released April 6, 2016)

imageThis 19-page document provides an overview of the various encryption technologies that are currently available or recently announced for Office 365, including features deployed and managed by Microsoft, and features available to and managed by Office 365 customers.

This document also discusses some common customer concerns regarding their data, and how encryption protects customer data in those scenarios.

Here’s a summary of it’s contents:

  • Encryption of Customer Data at Rest
    • Volume-level Encryption
    • File-level Encryption
      • Skype for Business
      • SharePoint Online (including OneDrive for Business)
        • Files in SharePoint Online
        • List Items in SharePoint Online
    • Advanced Encryption
  • Encryption of Customer Data In-transit
    • Advanced Encryption with Customer-Managed Key
    • Key Management
    • Exiting the Office 365 Service
  • Customer-managed Encryption Technologies
    • Azure Rights Management
    • Office 365 Message Encryption
    • Transport Layer Security
  • Risks and Protection
    • Office 365 General
    • Office 365 Multi-tenant
    • Office 365 Government Community Cloud

Grab the document here.


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