Posted by: kurtsh | April 6, 2016

NEWS: Xamarin Test Cloud

imageAt BUILD 2016, the demoed something very cool called the Xamarin Test Cloud.

The purpose of the Xamarin Test Cloud is to essentially enable developers to test their application whether it’s written in Xamarin/C# or another language (it can be native Xcode, Java Android, HTML Cordova apps as well) and target 1000’s of real devices to test your mobile application on. 

imageThe devices can be a full range of Android devices, made by different manufacturers and different models, as well as iOS revisions, and other potential targets.

Here’s the demonstration of the Xamarin Test Cloud at 23:00:

Microsoft BUILD 2016 Keynote Day 2 (HD)

For more information on the Xamarin Test Cloud, visit the web site:


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