Posted by: kurtsh | April 6, 2016

NEWS: Xamarin – iOS/Android/Mac cross-platform development for Visual Studio… now FREE.

imageIn case you missed it, Xamarin is now free, empowering every Microsoft developer to also be an iOS, Android, & Macintosh developer as well as a Windows & Web/Cloud developer.

Xamarin is a very popular C# & .NET development extension to Microsoft’s Visual Studio tools to enable developers to create applications for iOS/Android using the same code written for Windows apps or the Web apps.  Historically, Xamarin has cost roughly $2,000 per developer, above and beyond the cost of Microsoft’s Visual Studio tools, including its free version, Visual Studio Community Edition.

At BUILD 2016, Microsoft’s conference for developers, Scott Guthrie, said on stage during the day 2 keynote that now that the acquisition of Xamarin was complete, Microsoft could announce:

  • imageXamarin will be available at no charge to existing MSDN & Visual Studio Enterprise & Professional subscribers
  • Xamarin would be available at no cost for users of the free Visual Studio Community Edition
  • MSDN subscribers will also get Xamarin Studio on the Mac
  • Microsoft will be releasing Xamarin Studio Community Edition – full featured for independent developers and small teams
  • imageXamarin’s core platform will be open sourced, meaning anything you need to run a Xamarin app on any OS or any device is now available as open source

Here is the announcement at 18:00 of the BUILD 2016 Day 2 Keynote by Scott Guthrie:

Microsoft Build 2016 | Keynote Day 2 (HD)


Wanna grab Xamarin?  You can download Visual Studio w/ Xamarin integrated, just Xamarin alone, or Xamarin Studio for OSX:


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