Posted by: kurtsh | April 4, 2016

NEWS: Toyota & Microsoft announce Strategic Partnership with new company, “Toyota Connected”


Toyota announced today that it’s creating a new company called Toyota Connected to serve as the carmaker’s data science hub as it seeks to connect cars to people’s daily lives. Microsoft’s Azure will be the cloud computing platform, providing a hybrid solution for everything Toyota Connected creates as it works to make driving more personal, more intuitive and safer.

“We’ve all been talking about big data for a long time, but we are at a unique point in history where the technology is catching up with what we hope to achieve by delivering new services and capabilities into the vehicle,” said Zack Hicks, president and chief executive officer of Toyota Connected.

Here’s the video from FOX Business, featuring Zack Hicks, CIO of Toyota North America, and CEO of Toyota Connected:

Toyota, Microsoft partner to develop cutting-edge tech for your car



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