Posted by: kurtsh | April 1, 2016

TRAINING: Microsoft Virtual Security Summit 2016 – On Demand

imageWatch the Virtual Security Summit on demand now to:

  • Learn about modern cybercriminals and their evolving tactics
  • Hear how cyberwar and cyberterrorism affect you and your organization
  • Learn from leading security experts about how they keep their organization safe
  • Discover tools you can use to keep your people, platforms and devices secure


  • The State of Cybersecurity
    P. W. Singer – Strategist & Senior Fellow, New America Foundation, and author, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know
  • Who is the Modern Cybercriminal?
    James Lyne – Global Head of Security Research, Sophos
  • Anatomy of a Breach: How Hackers Break In
    Matt Kemelhar – Director, Incident Response & Recovery, Microsoft
    Jim Moeller – Principal Cybersecurity Consultant, Microsoft
  • Fighting Cybercrime with the Intelligent Security Graph
    Pete Boden – Cloud & Enterprise Infrastructure Security Services, Microsoft
    Richard Boscovich – Assistant General Counsel, Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft
  • Why You Should Trust the Cloud in These Tumultuous Times
    Dennis Garcia – Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft
  • What is the Future of Cybersecurity?
    Paul Edlund – Chief Technologist, Microsoft
  • Protecting Your Organization on a Single Security Platform
    Andrew Conway – Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloud Platform, Microsoft
    Alym Rayani – Group Product Manager, O365 Security, Microsoft
  • Live Demo: Protecting against, Detecting and Responding to Threats
    Julia White – General Manager, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft
  • Expert Perspective: Microsoft’s CISO on Cybersecurity
    Bret Arsenault – CISO, Microsoft



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