Posted by: kurtsh | March 6, 2016

DOWNLOAD: “Gartner Predicts 2016: Security for the Internet of Things”

imageAn estimated 75 percent of midsized to large organizations will employ three (or more) Internet of Things (IoT) point solutions through 2020. IT leaders are grappling with the scale, cost, and complexity of new IoT project implementations. IoT project implementers should invest in scalable, innovative approaches to security, integration and architecture.

In this report from Gartner, you’ll learn how to address some common issues associated with IoT implementations, including:

  • How to determine if you can lower costs by augmenting operational systems
  • Why you should plan to utilize three or more IoT platforms to address diverse IoT device ecosystems and IoT platform functionality requirements
  • The benefits of adopting an “API first” approach to IoT integration (versus “API only”)
  • Reasons why you should use cloud-based security services as an alternative to gateway-centric solutions

Grab the report at no cost here:


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