Posted by: kurtsh | March 6, 2016

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In the past few years, hacker activity has become so commonplace that headlines announcing new data breaches garner a fraction of the attention they did only a few years ago. It’s a trend that shows no sign of reversing—directed attacks and data breaches increased by 40% from 2013 to 2014.

Despite the constant barrage of attacks, many businesses still rely on the same safeguards they were using a decade ago. It’s time to take a hard look at what businesses are doing to keep their data safe, and how we can do better.

Does your business rely on outdated security to protect data, devices, and employees? Have you taken the basic precautions that can prevent or mitigate an attack? Are you taking advantage of modern day offerings to create a more secure data environment?

To bring your online security into the 21st century, we created The Modern Workplace Watchdog. It’s a manual for addressing the most common security problems businesses experience. In the eBook, you will find practical information you can use today to protect your business in the years ahead.

Read The Modern Workplace Watchdog to learn:

  • The four basic security lapses hackers target the most
  • How to easily secure a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace
  • How to move beyond defense to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity
  • Simple steps you can take today to secure your IT environment

Hackers are always evolving. Your business’s security needs to evolve as well.  The Modern Workplace Watchdog will show you how.


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