Posted by: kurtsh | January 21, 2016

INFO: Office ProPlus downloads do not leverage ExpressRoute circuits

imageYesterday, a customer asked:

“Are updates to Office 365 ProPlus (the version of Office that is made available to Office 365 E3/E4/E5 subscribers) pulled down via our ExpressRoute connection?”

According to my coworker, Allan Bourne:  (Office 365 Technology Specialist)

Office ProPlus downloads are not included in the scope of Express Route circuits, the same goes for any data hosted on public CDN’s.

It is however possible to create local on-premises distribution points for Office ProPlus packages and have clients pull from those distribution points to minimize egress bandwidth (references below).

What Office 365 services can be accessed over an ExpressRoute connection?

The following Office 365 services are not supported:

  • Yammer
  • Office 365 ProPlus client downloads
  • On-premises Identity Provider Sign-In
  • Office 365 (operated by 21 Vianet) service in China
  • You can connect to these services over the internet.

(taken from

Managing Updates for Office 365 ProPlus – Part 2

Choose how to apply updates to Office 365 ProPlus


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