Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2015

OFFER: Register for CES 2016 FREE until Sept 17th

imageAs some of you may know, CES 2016 is now $100 no matter what.  They enacted a rule that no longer provides free registration for the expo that has pretty much thrown a surcharge over your CES budget. Sad smile

Well, now it looks like CES is backing off this new “$100 charge” policy just slightly for alumni for 3 days.  If you went to CES in the past and want to go again as “alumni”, you can use the code below to get in for free – instead of coughing up the $100.  You have until Sept 17th to do so.

Since you are a valued alumni of CES, we are giving you a 3 day window to register for CES 2016 at no cost.

From Sept. 15-17, you can register for CES by clicking here and using the registration code ALUMNI when prompted. You will enter this code at the end of the registration process. After you apply the code, the $100 registration fee currently in effect will change to $0.

You can use this link to start your registration:


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