Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2015

EVENT: “Innovate 15” for System Center, Azure & Automation Admins–San Diego, October 8th (3rd Party)


Cireson, a Microsoft System Center partner, is running an all-day event specifically for folks interested in System Center & Automation.  They highlight the following:

  • Service, Asset & Identity Management
    Discover the corners of Service, Asset & Identity Management. Learn business aligned best-practices around Service Catalogs and Life Cycle Management through participation in Microsoft System Center, Azure and Cireson focused workshops which will teach you how to take advantage of core features, customizations, practical use cases and the overall user experience.

  • System Center, Azure & Automation
    Uncover how other organizations are maximizing their investment in Microsoft System Center and Cireson by harnessing the private cloud (Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure Stack) and public cloud (Azure), taking process integration beyond IT, and automating processes to drive measurable ROI.

  • Connecting Business & Operations
    Learn how companies that incorporate DevOps practices with their business and operational goals & get more done. Understand how you can deploy software and services up to 30 times more frequently and benefit through faster delivery, improved customer satisfaction, and fewer failed deployments.

The event is $99 to attend.  Speakers, sessions & other highlights are available at the registration site:


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