Posted by: kurtsh | August 13, 2015

TRAINING: Windows 10 Update for IT Professionals


If you’re an IT professional looking to deploy Windows 10, I highly encourage you to look into this series of online training videos called “Windows 10 Update for IT PROs”.

It consists of 5 modules and each module is about 30-45min long so you could actually get through it all in an afternoon.

  • Module 1 –  Windows as a Service: What does it mean for your business?
    In this module we’ll discuss how servicing and updating of Windows is changing with the release of Windows 10. We’ll also cover how we move to a more rapid response cadence when it comes to updates.
  • Module 2- What’s New in Windows 10 Deployment
    In this module we’ll cover what’s new in Windows 10 deployment and the new and updated ways to update devices. We’ll cover in-place upgrades, new provisioning tools to convert BYOD devices into Enterprise devices.
  • Module 3 – What’s New in Management and the Windows Store
    Windows has always had a strong management platform and that continues to get better in Windows 10. In this module we’ll cover what’s new with management and how the new features will help you better manage devices in the enterprise.
  • Module 4 – Runtime Provisioning in Windows 10
    In this module we’ll cover a new feature in Windows 10 called runtime provisioning. This new feature will help reduce the cost of deploying tablets and phones in the enterprise. We’ll explore how IT Pro’s will be able to transform BYOD devices into enterprise devices without re-imaging those…
  • Module 5 – A new era of threat resistance for the Windows 10 platform
    In this final module we’ll cover the most important update to Windows 10, security. Windows 8.1 made a huge leap forward in threat resistance. But that was just the beginning. In this module we’ll cover and impressive lineup of changes such as Device guard that make Windows 10 the most secure…


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