Posted by: kurtsh | August 13, 2015

INFO: Surface Pen Loop Stylus Holder – Replacements (a.k.a. that thingy on the Surface that holds your stylus)

Do you have a Surface?  Has your “Pen Loop” stylus holder fallen off?

I own 5 Surface devices and I’ve never had the pen loop fall off on me. (The “pen loop” is that thing that holds the stylus that you usually attach to the keyboard)   I followed the instructions and pressed really hard on when adhering the pen loop to my respective keyboards and left it it sit for a bit on each device, and they’ve maintained their adhesion on each keyboard.

Well, I think my primary machine’s pen loop got snagged while pulling it out of a case I had it in and I pulled hard enough our of frustration that it came off.  And now it won’t stick back on.

imageLo-and-behold, there are replacements available on the Microsoft store in the color of your choice:

Okay, that’s cute.  But what if I want something a little sturdier?

I discovered that we apparently sell ANOTHER pen loop product with more “sticky surface area” to attach to the keyboard of your Surface.  Here’s the description:

imageThis stylus loop is made of a strong black elastic strap, designed for all brands of styli, thin pencils or thick fountain pens. The loop is self-adhesive so if you want to, you can just stick it to your tablet or the inside back cover of a notebook or calendar.

Anyway, if you wanna try this pen loop, it might be a good alternative.  I have one on order so I’ll update this once I get it.


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