Posted by: kurtsh | February 2, 2015

NEWS: Windows 10 coming to Raspberry Pi 2… FREE


Today, Raspberry Pi 2 & Microsoft announced that:

  • Windows 10 will support the upcoming Raspberry Pi 2 & it’s ARM v7 architecture
  • A free license for Windows 10 will be made available with each unit through the Windows Developer Program for the “Internet of Things”.

Eben Upton, CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, said:

"We’ve had people queuing up and saying they want Windows, the whole time." 

"I think there’s a sense that ‘you’re a real PC’ if you run Windows."

Kevin Dallas, GM of the Windows IoT Group, said:

“We see the Maker community as an amazing source of innovation for smart, connected devices that represent the very foundation of the next wave of computing, and we’re excited to be a part of this community. Last year we took an important step in embracing the Maker movement by creating the Windows Developer Program for IoT and delivering Windows for the Intel Galileo board. We are taking the next step by bringing Microsoft’s leading development tools, services, and ecosystem to the Raspberry Pi community for free through our Windows Developer Program for IoT.”

For more on the Microsoft & Raspberry Pi Foundation announcement:


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