Posted by: kurtsh | February 2, 2015

INFO: Reinstalling MetroTwit, Windows desktop Twitter client

imageFor those of you that live in the Windows desktop environment, you know that thanks mostly to Twitter itself, the number of desktop Twitter clients is few & far between. 

After having to drop MetroTwit (pretty much the undisputed best Twitter client the Windows desktop)  due to the authors discontinuing availability of the install, I’ve been searching for an alternative.  I’ve used most of them and resigned myself to using the web version of Tweetdeck. (Because the Windows client is just a view of the web app, and doesn’t provide manageability or offline use)

Robert McLaws, tech enthusiast & CTO of Advanced REI, however pointed me to the actual installer for MetroTwit, something that is not otherwise available off the web site any more.  I suspect that this only usable if you were a PREVIOUS MetroTwit user (since Twitter only allows a certain number of users per Twitter application & MetroTwit I think ran out of allocations) however it’s a great way to get MetroTwit BACK on systems that you no longer have it on, if you were a previous user – especially if you were a paid-for MetroTwit PLUS user.

So, if you like scrolling column layouts, are tired of dealing with the instability of Tweetdeck & you want to return to MetroTwit like myself, here’s your ticket to freedom:


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