Posted by: kurtsh | January 16, 2014

Sorry. Been on vacation/sick/CES. And a bit grumpy.

imageI’m sorry I’ve been a ghost.  I’ve been on a combination of vacation, sick leave, and CES.  And yes, the stupid CES bug got me like it did everyone else.

I have a post that I’m writing about the “Top 5 Things I Saw At CES That Aren’t In The Mainstream Media” that I’ll have posted this weekend.  I’m writing this because honestly, I have no interest in “curved TVs”, “bluetooth watches”, or “Steam boxes” and I doubt many of you do as well.

See?  I told you I was grumpy.  Until then, please cut me some slack.  I either have a head cold or the Ebola virus or something in between and my cranium’s gonna explode.


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