Posted by: kurtsh | January 9, 2014

CES2014: Deals that I found that might expire on Friday 1/10/14

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, here’s a listing of the deals I found on at CES 2014 (so far) while scouring the show floor.  They will probably expire once CES is over as of Friday 1/10/14 afternoon, so you might want to jump on them now if you’re interested.

  • InfoMotion’s 94Fifty SmartSensor basketball available for$249 ($50 off) at Use promo code "CES050".
  • Sphero_Nubby_Promo_1024x1024[1]Sphero Bluetooth Remote Controlled ball show special. Sphero 2 w/ nubby cover for $99! ($30 off) Use discount code "ces2014".
  • Creative Soundblaster AXX200 Wireless Speaker. NFC/BT, 15hr, SDcard slot, ext batt, SBchip: $149 ($150 off)
  • Amaryllo iCam. Worlds 1st Skype wireless IP camera. Motion detect. Recording. All over Skype. Awesome! #ces2014 Show special: $50 off the $199 MSRP when you order from the link below!
  • Pawscam. Camera for dogs with roll up to the cloud and detection of irregular behavior. $149. ($100 off; limited to 500 people)
  • Slingbox 500Slingmedia Slingbox show special. $50 off Slingbox 500/350 purchases online for duration of CES using code SLINGCES.


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