Posted by: kurtsh | October 26, 2013

TRAINING: SQL PASS Summit 2013 On-Demand Video Recordings


If you’re interested in Microsoft SQL Server, you should already know about the PASS Summit, the independent (Microsoft-supported) SQL Server conference that happens every year. 

PASS Summit is 100% SQL Server focused so if you make your living working on Microsoft SQL Server, this conference is nirvana.  With over 190 technical sessions delivered over 2-days of pre-conference learning, plus 3-days of main conference attendance, PASS Summit provides the ultimate networking & education experience for IT Professionals looking to meet SQL MVPs, experts & peers in the industry.  It also provides and opportunity to get face-to-face support with Microsoft CSS & SQLCAT, while participating in chalktalks throughout the event.

Here’s a short example of many of the sessions for Microsoft SQL Server administrators & programmers:

imageThe PASS Summit for 2013 published recordings of many of their 190 sessions online at PASS TV:

If you’re interested in knowing what was presented, download the PDF Session Schedule here:


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