Posted by: kurtsh | October 26, 2013

COMMENTARY: Surface Pro 2’s evolution to being the “one single device” for everything

imageI have historically looked at Surface Pro & Pro 2 as my "advanced companion device"… my home away from home, so to speak. 

  • PREVIOUSLY WITH SURFACE PRO 1, it was simply my handwritten note-taking device, customer presentation machine, & "hey-look-at-me-your-capacitive-touch-tablet-can’t-do 90%-of-what-I’m-doing" image device. My limitation was storage capacity (max 128GB) & battery life to a lesser degree.
  • NOW WITH SURFACE PRO 2, I’m syncing all my data, 100% of it, between my home desktop & my Surface.  I now have all-day battery life exceeding 8hrs while on Power Saver.

…this makes for an interesting quandary for me because with its new 4th-gen Intel Haswell CPU & its DisplayPort, my Surface Pro 2 is officially better than ANY other laptop or desktop I own.  With the dock I get big-ol’ screens for home use, and when I’m on the road, I get portability, great battery life, 256GB of storage (I typically need about 140GB) & it’s both a consumption & a creation device. 

I believe Surface Pro 2 has met the vision of having “one single device” for everything with this release.

EPILOGUE: So now the question is, why do I need my Lenovo X1 Carbon?  While is a great laptop, it’s slower.  It’s screen is bigger, yes, but I don’t need a bigger screen while I’m on the road visiting customers, and when I am home, my Surface dock connects to larger displays anyway.  The battery’s not any better.  I can’t use it as a tablet.  It’s got DisplayPort on the side so it’s got that going for it but outside of being a “home base” device… I’m not sure what to do with it other than keep it synced for those times when I might have long term work away from home requiring the larger screen.


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