Posted by: kurtsh | October 24, 2013

INFO: Notes on Surface Pro 2 Improvements I’ve noticed

imageCouple things folks haven’t talked about re: Surface 2, so I will:

  1. The Polartec fleece cover on the back of the Type Cover is now doubly reinforced to keep it from tearing away from back, which is a known problem for the original Type Cover.
  2. The magnets holding the keyboards and the power adapter are noticeably stronger. Avoids accidental detaching like in the past & provides a better "click in".
  3. The touchpad buttons on Type Cover 2 are… a bit hard to keep pressed down for things like drag & drop, so much so that I occasionally have use my left hand to hold the left button down while I drag with my right hand.  They no longer "click" and are almost identical to the Touch Cover buttons except that with the newly introduced carbon fiber banding (which makes Type Cover 2 rigid for lapability) makes pressing the left button difficult.  So despite the other TC2 benefits like backlighting & shorted scissor switches, I may see how this is compared to using Type Cover 1 because I love that touchpad.
  4. Type Cover 2 is very sturdy relative to Type Cover 1. TC1 felt a little flimsy and wiggled a lot when you attempted to type on your lap. TC2 is like a plate of unyielding fiberglass & I really like that especially in tandem with the 2nd angle available on the kickstand.
  5. I prefer the old Windows logo on the back of the Surface instead of the word Surface. This is one case where I think the fragmentation of the brand might be a mistake. But who am I to contradict Panos Panay & Michael Angiulo?
  6. The display on Surface Pro 2 is definitely better than SP1. The color accuracy is better but the thing I noticed was that glass is thinner, which I believe has to do with the usage of Gorilla Glass 3. If you compare the depth of SP1 & SP2’s glass edge you can see the difference. This is important for folks that ink with precision through a stylus/digitizer – like me.
  7. OneNote 2013 inking while on Power Saver rocks, a benefit of the faster, yet more power conservative 4th gen Intel Core i5 CPU (aka Haswell).  It was awesome before but now I’m looking at ~8 hrs of non-stop all-day handwritten note-taking glory.
  8. The Surface dock is SICK.  I love this thing.  I don’t know why.  I’ll write more about that later since I’m one of the few that got one.


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