Posted by: kurtsh | October 24, 2013

INFO: An Unboxing of the Surface Dock Accessory

WP_20131023_10_10_00_ProI got a Surface dock.  

It’s wonderful & works beautifully with my Surface Pro 2.  Extremely well designed.  I haven’t tested my Surface Pro 1 with it yet but I’m sure it works fine as well… worth every dollar.  (And I paid $199 for it.) 

I was previously on the fence about this device, but after using it in production, I’m totally sold. Simply by docking my Surface Pro into this unit, I instantly get:

  • Connected to my multiple external displays over DisplayPort
  • Stereo audio from my dock-connected Jawbone speakers
  • Wired Ethernet connectivity
  • An immediate charging system for my Surface Pro 2 & future Power Cover
  • Over the USB ports
    • Access to my dock-connected USB 3.0 hard drive
    • Use of my dock-connected USB mouse & microphone
    • Connected to my 1080HD LifeCam Cinema camera
    • Connected to my Lync-integrated Polycom CX300 Deskphone

…and despite being able to use a USB connected keyboard, I continue to use the Surface Type Cover to type because I like using the cover keyboards that much.



In case you’re wondering… “Where’s the USB 3.0 port?”  One photo that I’m missing is a side shot of the dock where the USB 3.0 port is.  You can see all the other ports on the back but I simply forgot to take a shot of the USB 3.0 port on the side… but trust me, it’s there.


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