Posted by: kurtsh | August 1, 2013

DOWNLOAD: “GroupMe” – Group Messaging Client (FREE!)


My favorite messaging app isn’t Skype or Lync.  It’s GroupMe.  And it’s free.

Whhaaa?  Yup.  It’s a group messaging app that serves a very specific but very useful purpose. 

Messages are instantly sent across either the Internet to the recipient’s GroupMe app on their mobile device or via SMS text msg if they don’t have it installed. 

Recipients can either use the smartphone app to reply or transmit photos & if they received the message via SMS text message, they can reply (or send a photo) and automatically reply to the rest of the group.  Note to Verizon Wireless Windows Phone users:  Group replies are not available via SMS text messaging without using a tool like the GroupMe app.

  1. NO COST MESSAGING: Saves on text messaging charges since the default transmission medium is the Internet.
  2. FAST, FAST, FAST: Much faster transmission than text messaging, especially between carrier networks where texts are buffered and may experience significant delays.
  3. RELIABLE: More reliable, less latent than WhatsApp.
  4. PRIVATE:  Secured messaging. Text messages on the other hand, are readable by anyone… as witnessed by “Texts from Last Night
  5. INTERNATIONAL: Works internationally over the Internet, avoiding cross-network texting complications.
  6. GROUPS: Enables group messaging – Verizon doesn’t allow txt msging with groups.
  7. HISTORY:  Provides past message history for new members joining a group.
  8. FALLBACK TO SMS: Falls back to SMS text messaging if the transmission with the app fails
  9. CROSS PLATFORM:  Runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
    (Windows Phone app:
  10. DESKTOP:  Desktop browser users can communicate on the GroupMe network via a web browser. (

And it’s a Microsoft technology… so sign up & get the app here!


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