Posted by: kurtsh | July 30, 2013

INFO: Surface Pro folio case.. “Manvex Slim”

imageI’ve been evaluating Surface Pro cases since my Surface Pro has been not just my favorite mobile device but also my primary COMPANION device.

The case I’ve concluded has been the best that I’ve evaluated has been the ‘Manvex Slim’.  It’s certainly not the cheapest but it’s manufactured very well and is a v2.0 of the product so they’ve gotten rid of all the annoying issues of the v1.0.

The folio is perfect for folks that:

  • Want to put their Surface Pro on their laps
  • Protect the exterior of their Surface Pro
  • Need a stylus holder
  • Want the display at a different angle other than 22 degrees

So take a look at it.  It’s a little more expensive but trust me:  The $31 is worth it.


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