Posted by: kurtsh | June 5, 2013

Sorry for the absence…

imageSorry for the absence… but most of you should all know why by now. 

I’ll try to get back in the saddle in the evenings but I’ve been a BIT overwhelmed recently, so much so that it’s kept me away from the ol’ faithful blog.

In the meantime, here’s a comparison ad that we’re running.  This is particularly interesting considering that it’s being demonstrated with current processor technology.  With the massive tsunami coming of next-generation Intel processor-based devices this Summer/Fall that increase battery life to 10-12 hours for full power, x64 processing tablets & touch PCs, incredible graphics acceleration comparable to an Nvidia GT650M & USB 3.0 support… it promises to be a very good opportunity to introduce Windows-based tablets & touch everywhere.

Comparison: iPad vs. Windows 8 Tablet


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