Posted by: kurtsh | May 31, 2013

INFO: 3rd party Stylus for Surface Pro

If you need a cheaper stylus for your Surface Pro – one that is small, designed for an WACOM ACTIVE DIGITIZER and not capacitive touch glass, one that has an “eraser” on the end of the pen at the opposite end of the tip, and a right mouse click button along the side, you’re in luck.

How about one for $9.99?

These work with Surface Pro.  They’re conventional Wacom stylii and I’ve bought a few of them as “backup” stylii because at $9.99… y’might as well have a few ‘just in case’ because I use my Surface Pro primarily as a OneNote note-taking or drawing device that synchs with SkyDrive & OneNote in the cloud, constantly updating my other production ultrabook device as well.



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