Posted by: kurtsh | March 30, 2013

INFO: Overview of SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint Server 2013

Wanna stop paying for 3rd party cloud storage like BOX, DropBox, etc.?

Just posted a few days ago, this is a TechNet article that goes into detail about what SkyDrive Pro is, how it’s architected, and what solutions it addresses.

imagePublished: March 26, 2013

Summary: Learn about SkyDrive Pro, its architecture, and the benefits of using SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint Server 2013.

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013 Standard | SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise 

This article helps administrators learn about SkyDrive Pro, the SkyDrive Pro architecture in SharePoint Server 2013, and the benefits of using SkyDrive Pro. Before you read this article, you should be familiar with My Sites. For more information, see My Sites in What’s new in social computing in SharePoint Server 2013.

In this article:

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