Posted by: kurtsh | November 8, 2012

INFO: Mary Jo Foley & Paul Thurrott on the HTC Windows Phone 8X

imageIn case you haven’t heard the comments from tech pundits & media journalists, Mary Jo Foley & Paul Thurrott about the HTC 8x, you’re in for a treat.  (FYI: Windows Weekly is the largest, most broadly distributed podcast for Microsoft technology in the world.)

Key quotes include:

  • Mary Jo Foley (ZDNET, All About Microsoft), on the HTC 8X
      • “I think this [HTC 8X] is my next phone.”
      • “It’s really nice… really light.  It just has been a really good experience using it so far.”
  • Paul Thurrott (Windows IT Pro Magazine, WinSuperSite), on the HTC 8X
      • “Yeah, this [HTC 8X] is also my next phone.”
      • “This phone is so beautiful… when you look at Windows Phone 8 in the past, the software’s always been excellent… the one area that’s always been lacking has been the hardware… The beautiful thing about this phone – the thing that really sets it apart – is that this is the most beautiful smartphone there is on the planet.  Including the iPhone 5.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  And you can put this right next to an iPhone 5 or an S3 or whatever… and this is the nicest looking phone… it’s an amazing achievement.”
      • “You used to put up with a bland phone that no one was ever going to question… with this phone though, people wanna know what this is. This is beautiful and people hold this and say “Oh My God, this is so awesome”.  It’s just so NEAT.”


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