Posted by: kurtsh | November 6, 2012

INFO: Microsoft’s Bluetooth Mice… avoid the dongle!

imageAttention Surface or Windows 8 / RT tablet owners: 
You have Bluetooth 4.0!  You have a mouse pointer on your device!  Why not use them both… and avoid the USB dongle?

Get a small portable Bluetooth mouse for use with your Surface or Windows-based Tablet!  I keep one with me all the time.  My all-time personal favorite is the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter 8000 which we sadly do not sell any more, however the following mice are really nice alternatives, especially if you have a Windows Tablet!

All our mice – including Bluetooth enabled ones – are located here:

The Bluetooth mice that you will want to look at are the following:


Having the scroll wheel on your mouse is revolutionary when you start using it with Windows 8 / RT.  And when you’re seated, you can feel your productivity go into turbo when you’re using the mouse & keyboard instead of poking around.

I’ve used the Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 for a quite a while.  It’s been around for a long while and is reliable as all heck.  The Bluetooth receiver on the mouse maintains a solid BT connection (unlike a lot of other mice) and so you will probably appreciate that.   The other two mice are brand-spanking new (less than a month old) and are designed for the next-generation of tablets & Windows-laptops so you can’t really go wrong.


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