Posted by: kurtsh | July 6, 2012

INFO: Top 5 Windows Phone apps for the week (7/6/12)

There’s so many awesome Windows Phone apps out there that I decided to start publishing some of my favorites that I find throughout the week.

  • imageCamCard
    CamCard is a professional business card reader. Take a picture of a card with phone camera and contact information will be recognized via cloud based service. The contact information can be recognized automatically and saved in Card Holder. You can easily manage all cards in Card Holder by searching, sorting, editing and so forth.


  • imageAircharge
    Turn your cell phone into a “sell” phone. AIRCHARGE technology enables you to perform credit card swiped and manual transactions right on your cell phone – no more declined credit cards or delayed payments. Accept credit card payments in your car, at trade shows, while traveling . . . anywhere your phone will go! The AIRCHARGE solution allows you to obtain real-time authorizations just about anywhere.




  • imageSeeIt!
    Record videos w/o being noticed. Pics too! Similarly, you may take pictures in a really stealthy way without being noticed. Capture video and photos while looking at a text, black screen or photo. Start SeeIt! in stealth mode so if someone tries it on your phone, all they get is a note-taking app. Filter your files by using a date and time. Upload videos to SkyDrive easily. Automatic or manual picture capture with optional vibration feedback.


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