Posted by: kurtsh | July 5, 2012

INFO: Setting/configuring Bing search results to your liking

imageThis might seem trivial but it should serve as a reminder to everyone that everything in computers these days is configurable and that Bing’s capabilities are no exception.

One of the most important pages for Bing users to know is:

This is where you can set:

  1. How many results you get per page?
    (The default is 10.  Do you really want to click next page, next page, next page… over and over again?)
  2. What language you want?
    (The default is “all languages”.  Do you care about Chinese language results if you don’t speak Chinese?)
  3. Open links in new browser window?
    (You leave your search results page if you click on a link.  Do you want to keep having to click the back button?)

Do it once & forget about it.


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