Posted by: kurtsh | June 10, 2012

INFO: E3 2012 – My observations (Part 4)

Here’s some random photos & thoughts.

WP_000166If you’ve never been to E3, the one thing to know is that there is more geek per square foot than most conferences.  This photo doesn’t really capture it because it’s right outside the South Hall on the last day of the show but trust me when I say that there are tons of gamer geeks (and girls!) on the floor of the expo and while it’s buzzing with activity and a little chaotic, it’s still interesting to see all the business going on.

WP_000172While there was a lot of traffic in Sony in general highlighting mostly upcoming titles and not so much innovations in the PS3, there wasn’t that much for PS Vita while I was there on Thursday which I thought would have had more traffic.  Initially I thought that that couldn’t bode well for Sony but maybe it was just the fact that it was the last day of the event.  I can say this:  PS Vita looks really frickin’ cool when you play it.  It’s like the power of the console in your hands.  So big ups to Sony for building something like that.  If you’re a serious gamer, this is definitely your portable gaming device, no question.

WP_000245Harry Potter for Kinect was in a very creative booth.  It was clearly funding deprived but in the middle of Warner Bro Interactive, it really felt like you were in the living room of Hogwarts.  The Kinect game integrated Kinect Voice and Kinect movement.  I don’t know much else except that the guy in the photo appeared to be having a lot of fun casting spells and fighting evil.


WP_000246Gree.  I hadn’t really heard much about them until I visited the booth.  They’re a mobile games vendor for iPhone and Android.  They do little games that are networked together using the Gree network I guess.  It was a little weird because their booth was massive but there wasn’t a lot of people.  I guess they’re much bigger in India, China, and other parts of the world… so they were trying to get more traction in the US.

WP_000170Wii U.  Yeaaaaaaaah… I dunno about this.  I told one person that Wii U’s success beyond its marquee titles like Zelda, Mario, and Metroid, will be highly dependent on how great their launch games are because in order to get people to buy brand a new console with expensive controllers like the Wii U, you’re gonna need something really compelling.  I saw some 12 titles on display in the Nintendo booth and nothing really grabbed me.  Most Wii U games involved flicking my finger on the tablet interface of the Wii U controller and was ultimately kinda left me feeling “meh”.

But who knows.  They weren’t finished so maybe they’ll get better.  All I know is that they’re effectively competing against iPads, Windows 8 tablets, and anything that’ll work against Xbox 360.

Far Cry 3.  It looked AWESOME in our booth and their own booth at E3 looked great too.  I wasn’t thrilled with Far Cry the original but FC3 looks really amazing.  The CryEngine 3 is really something and will make both Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3 a serious contender later this year.



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