Posted by: kurtsh | June 10, 2012

INFO: E3 2012 – My observations (Part 3)

Here’s yet more of my observations from E3 this year.

Activision win for most impressive booth and there’s only one reason:  That damned monster video screen.

Activision had this massive long video screen that showed a single video across it’s entirety that just had everyone captivated.  I have to admit, I’d never seen anything this impressive before – not event at CES.


They showed, at timed intervals, something of a video of the story behind Black Ops II and it was captivating, beautiful, and… well… EPIC.  Like an academy award winning movie.

As it started, the lights dimmed, the sound got louder and the massive, long video screen started to show stuff.  People wandering by the Activision booth just… stopped.  They stopped in the walkways, they stopped in the booth, they stopped in OTHER PEOPLE’S BOOTHS.  It was as if a massive alien ship was coming down out of the sky and people were just standing wherever they were and looking upward at this big video screen as the Black Ops II story played out.  People actually CLAPPED during the video.

And once the performance was over, the lights came on and everyone scattered like roaches.  And there was once again, a big empty area in front of the video screen… until the video started again.

Every year, I go by Bethesda hoping to talk about Fallout’s future.  And every year there’s nothing to see and no one to talk to because they don’t let anyone into their booth unless you’re a business partner or you’re press. 

What you’re looking at at the right there is a photo of the only thing I could photograph of the booth.  The booth itself was two stories tall and completely surrounded by walls with no entry allowed for anyone just walking by. 

But this year, as I walked by a girl was stationed outside handing Bethesda boxes out.  I had no idea what it was so I just took it.  And lo and behold… they’re paper speakers for a PC! And they work – advertising Dishonored & the new Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s nice that Bethesda is throwing the rest of us E3 attendees a bone, even though we’re not media or partners.




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