Posted by: kurtsh | April 27, 2012

BETA: Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Now Available

Today, Windows Intune addresses the management and security of PC’s with all of the features below in a single console:

  • Anti-Virus/Malware protection with Forefront endpoint protection
  • Patching for Windows and 3rd party applications
  • Software deployment via the cloud anywhere around the world
  • License management for Microsoft and 3rd party licenses
  • Inventory reporting for HW and SW (Microsoft and 3rd party)

We just announced the next release of Intune slated for June release. The agility the cloud delivers equates to aggressive, 6 month release cycles offering major features made available to customers with no on-premise infrastructure requirements. Our next release (slated for June) will allow customers to:

  • clip_image001clip_image002clip_image004clip_image005set policies AND deploy LOB software to iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android
  • Active Directory Federated services integration with Intune
  • Peer caching for remote sites who are receiving Application Downloads – we maximize the bandwidth at the subnet level

Here’s the release:

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Now Available

Windows Intune is an integrated, cloud-based client management solution that provides tools, reports, and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows. Windows Intune helps keep your computers up-to-date and secure, and lets your users more securely access and install targeted licensed software applications and perform other common tasks, from virtually anywhere. NOTE: In this pre-release of Windows Intune we are providing access to some of the new features and enhancements that are coming soon. It is important to understand that this pre-release is designed for use in a test environment and should not be linked to existing production servers. Once the full release of Windows Intune is available, the ability to connect to your production infrastructure will be enabled.

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