Posted by: kurtsh | April 26, 2012

DOWNLOAD: All PowerPoints from MMS 2012 in a single ZIP file (655MB)


That’s what I said when I heard about this.  There’s a post that popped up yesterday by Rod Trent, System Center MVP extraordinaire, that is entitled, “Download all the MMS 2012 PPTs in one fell swoop”.

It’s exactly what the title states.

I’m downloading it right now as I type this post and since I have only a 3Mb pipe, it’s about a half hour download.  It’s a 655MB ZIP file that contains every single presentation that was presented at MMS 2012 that’s available on DigitalMMS.  That more than 160 decks on everything from System Center to PowerShell to Virtualization to Deployment & Configuration to Security to Datacenter Automation.

(What I don’t get is how they’re paying for the network connectivity costs.  That’s more than half a terabyte for each download.  Whaadddever.  Grab it before they run out of bandwidth!)

imageDownload all the MMS 2012 PPTs in one fell swoop
This download includes all of the PPTs and XML files from MMS 2012.
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