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WHITEPAPER: Licensing the Core CAL Suite and the Enterprise CAL Suite

Okay.  I work for Microsoft and I’ll fully admit that while I’m pretty good, even I – an employee of Microsoft – have the occasional difficulty recalling off the top of my head what’s in the Core CAL Suite & the Enterprise CAL Suite.


The Core CAL contains:

  1. Windows Server CAL
  2. Exchange Server Standard CAL
  3. SharePoint Server Standard CAL
  4. Lync Server Standard CAL
  5. System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License
  6. System Center Endpoint Protection (SUBSCRIPTION)

The Enterprise CAL Suite:

  1. ALL of the components of the Core CAL Suite (listed above)
  2. Exchange Server Enterprise CAL
  3. SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL
  4. Lync Server Enterprise CAL
  5. Rights Management Services CAL
  6. Forefront Unified Access Gateway CAL
  7. Forefront Protection Suite (SUBSCRIPTION)
        1. Forefront Protection for Exchange
        2. Forefront Protection for SharePoint
        3. Forefront Security for Office Communications Server
        4. Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
        5. Forefront Threat Mgmt Gateway Web Protection Service
  8. System Center Client Management Suite
        1. System Center Operations Manager Client Management License
        2. System Center Data Protection Manager Client Management License
        3. System Center Service Manager Client Management License
        4. System Center Orchestrator Client Management License

Here’s the whitepaper that documents all of this:


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